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Generosities and hesitancies in recent China-Afghanistan relations

Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry lately publicised that China was funding a Mountain Garrison in the north-eastern mountainous areas between the two countries. The Ministry said that it had already started working on staffing and establishing process. The announcement came after a meeting between Xu Qiliang, the Vice Chairman of China’s Central …

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Fighting illegal migration as top political agenda in parts of EU

  Italy’s new hardliner interior minister Matteo Salvini said Sunday that “common sense” was needed to stop the country from being “Europe’s refugee camp” as he visited a migrant centre in the south of the country. Italy’s new interior minister, Matteo Salvini, who heads the far-right Leag ue party, has …

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G-7 Finance Chiefs Condemned Trump Tariffs

  An ill-tempered meeting of G-Seven finance ministers has ended with a warning that the United States has days to avoid a trade war. Over two days of discussions, G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors engaged on a range of topics including the importance of rules-based international trade, and …

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Why The Elections Make Things Worse for Afghanistan?

Abdullah Elham As a post-conflict country, Afghanistan experienced its first democratic elections in 2004 and 2005, with overwhelming support from the international community. However, the electoral system still needs to be developed in order to ensure transparency. The existing flaws have resulted in prolonged instability and further weakened the legitimacy of the …

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Kabul’s Overture, Taliban’s Dilemma and the Way Out

Mushtaq Rahim President Ghani extended Oliver branch to the Taliban at the Kabul Process-II meeting on 28 February 2018 announcing a comprehensive peace proposal to the armed opposition group. The road map unveiled by the President had all demands of Taliban put forth from time to time accepted barring announcement …

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What next if Taliban refuses Ashraf Ghani’s peace offer?

By: Zeerak Yousofi March 24, 2018 The Government of Afghanistan provided the Taliban with a historic offer for peace during the Kabul process II conference on February 28, 2018. The roadmap that President Ashraf Ghani presented during this conference has phenomenally addressed all those preconditions that the Taliban has been …

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The Geopolitics of the Lapis Lazuli Corridor

By: Shoaib A. Rahim The New Silk Road initiative of the United States came to life in June 2011, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hinted at regional connectivity through rail lines, highways, and energy infrastructure — presenting the Turkmenistan- Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project as an example — in …

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