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About Us

Afghanistan Diplomacy Studies Organization (ADSO) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan and independent research organisation and think-tank. The Organisation envisions filling the knowledge gap on policy and strategic issues, regional and foreign diplomacy and key social, economic and political regional and global dynamics that can have an impact on Afghanistan. The Organisation is also committed to mobilise Afghan intellectuals at home and abroad to provide their perspectives on issues of national interest and as such inform policy makers at home and abroad, national and international stakeholders and partners of Afghanistan helping them consider indigenous view point on decisions that can have an impact on the life of a common Afghan. The Organisation is geared towards putting forth Afghan narrative on the ongoing conflict, regional political maneuvers and global dialogue pertaining Afghanistan. In addition, the Organization will strive to influence and shape national, regional and international Afghan policy outlook.

Besides, Afghanistan is in need of national dialogue for consensus building, establishing common vision as a nation and coming around differences caused by four decades long conflict and civil war. The Organisation envisages creating forums for bringing people of different view streams creating an open environment for the national dialogue and deliberation that could pave the way for establishment of a common ground on issues that are currently causing fragmentation, fracturing social fabric of Afghanistan. In the meantime, the organisation will concentrate on development of Afghan cadre of researchers, policy analysts and expert commentators representing Afghanistan on national and international forums and media in relation to the Afghan issues.

The Organisation will be operating in below four strategic streams:

  • Operating a dynamic website as base for dissemination of Afghan’s views about issues of national interest with significant focus on policy and strategic issues related to Afghanistan’s diplomatic affairs;
  • Study, research and analysis on issues pertinent to Afghan diplomatic affairs and issues of national interest to provide knowledge base for informed decision making;
  • Creating space for dialogue on contentious issues at national, regional and global levels in order to harness consensus for long term common visioning eliminating difference and working towards synergised effort enabling global peace and stability;
  • Developing capacities of Afghan youth in research, analysis, critical thinking and commentary on issues of national interest;

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